Quick Surf User's Guide updated on 7/28/2015



Quick Surf Basics


The idea is to have a simple database which contains web addresses of interest.  The program opens one web address at a time.  The progression from one web address to the next can happen one of two ways.  Option 1 is that as soon as you close the browser window, the default browser opens at the next web site.  Option 2 is for the browsers to close and reopen at the next web address after a specific number of seconds.  Option 2 feels like a slideshow of websites.


Quick Surf is useful for opening the same sequence of web addresses repeatedly.  One use might be to open your favorite news sites using Option 1 above so that you can read articles of interest from the same sites daily.  Another use might to check stock charts for your collection of stocks periodically.  Quick Surf works from any Internet device which has a compatible browser ... a keyboard is not required.


The Quick Surf software can either be resident on a PC or a Server, but requires hosting software including ColdFusion from Adobe and Microsoft Access Database.  Editing the list of web addresses is not currently supported except through the Microsoft Access Database software.

Using this software locally on your PC


The following software components are required in order to utilize this software locally on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC:



The process to install and configure this collection of software not simple.


Using this software from an Internet ColdFusion Server


The following software components are required in order to utilize this software from a server:


I have only used CrystalTech now renamed Newtech as a ColdFusion host for this software.  I use FTP software called FileZilla to copy software to the NewTech server.


To see this in operation go to: http://slideshowon.net